Our Mission is to Transform the Church by Training Pastors.


“It is estimated that there are 5 million Pastors around the world who have never had any ministerial training whatsoever.”

At Biblical Life Ministries, our work on the mission field has become a strategic response to that need. Pastoring a church without training is like being handed a container full of car parts, and being expected to know what to do with it. It is simply not possible!

Biblical Life Ministries and Biblical Life Leadership College responds to this need by supplying Pastoral training, first of all, to the men and women who are called by God and are already doing the work. Second, we supply training to future Pastors; those called, but for now they are serving under their Pastor. And finally, we supply training to the other ministers in the church; those who operate the core ministries in the house; the children, ladies, men, music, outreach, etc.

Our very first class was 2004, in Kenya. We began with 9 Pastors. Today, we have over 300 graduates; we have 5 campuses in 2 countries; we have almost 100 Pastors in class every month. Every graduation of BLLC represents approximately 2500 new salvations; our graduates are averaging a new church plant every 21 days; we have built a network of more than 400 churches in East Africa.