You did it! You completed the application process, and congratulations, you have been accepted!! This Field School will be the most memorable summer of your life, and you will never be the same again!

Our desire is this, that you discover your true God-given purpose, the thing He has built you for. For some of you, you will complete this School and go back home, because that is where you will need to be. But for others, and we hope it is most of you, you will go one to a full-time career in missions. Our hope is that you will want to stay and work with us. Our hope is that you will want to make BLM your permanent missionary family, whether in Kenya, or in other places in Africa, or Asia, or wherever God may lead you. We believe in you!

Now, you need to get this info to the office asap. Your Missionary School File cannot be completed without it. Your Field School financial accounting  will be created, and you can start putting money towards your bill. All of this will become permanent records, so when you graduate from the School, and transition to full-time, no other info will be required.

Next Steps (for real, now)

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