Make a Difference

Your generous gift to Biblical Life Ministries helps us continue to train national church leaders who are reaching their communities for Christ. 

Here are a few ways your giving makes a difference in the lives of people in Kenya.

     For every $75: a full tank of fuel in the truck so we can travel to train pastors.

Every $100: sends one pastor through the BSIB program for a month.

Every $1,000: provides a pastor with a year’s worth of Bible education, including books and a Study Bible.

Every $150 spent at Bible School in a Briefcase: 10-15 people are saved, hearing a clear Gospel message from a trained pastor from their culture, and who speaks their language. 

Every $30,000, a completed Bible School in a Briefcase: 2000-2500 people are reached with the Gospel, 30-35 student churches are doubled, some tripled in size, and an additional 20-25 new churches are planted.