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Project 120


Project 120

Project120- Going Global

Project120 is a scholarship program for pastors who desire to be trained and equipped through our unique program:  Bible School in a Briefcase.  

In 2016, Bible School in a Briefcase is responding to the call of the nations for pastoral training. Our goal is to open 40 new BSIB's in the next four years, an average of 10 per year. In the next 12 years, by 2028, we plan to open, and have up and running, 120 BSIB's around the world.

Project120 and BSIB are going global.

We cannot do that alone: we need your involvement, and we're inviting you. 

We’ve set our sights to train 120 new graduates this mission term. That works out to four BSIB graduations. These graduates will plant 120 new churches and reach 12,000 people with the Gospel over the next 4 years.

You can donate to provide scholarships for rural African pastors. The cost for one pastor to attend Bible School in a Briefcase is $1,000. You may want to scholarship one pastor or even five pastors. God may be speaking to you to provide for a full class of 30 pastors - $30,000! You may want to sponsor a pastor in honor of a graduating senior, or in memory of a loved one. 

GOAL:                         120 New Scholarships           $120,000

Received to date:        77 Sponsorships                   $77,000

Still needed:                 43 Sponsorships                  $43,000




Project 120 Scholarship Levels:

Curriculum Level:  $100  

10 textbooks for a BSIB pastor

 Classroom Level:  $500          

Half Scholarship for 1 pastor

 Pastor Level:  $1000                  

Full Scholarship for 1 pastor

 Scholar Level:  $5000                

5 Pastor Scholarships

 Founder Level:  $10,000                

10 Pastor Scholarships

 Church Planter Level:  $30,000

1 Complete BSIB program


BSIB Alumni Conference

BSIB Alumni Conference

BSIB Alumni Conference

In June 2017 we will host a conference for all our BSIB graduates and their spouses.  Our theme will be Biblical Leadership!  In order to make it more affordable for every pastor to come AND bring his wife, we want to offer conference fees at a discounted rate to pastors.  

Your gift of $40 will provide conference costs and materials for one participant.  

If you would like to help, please donate today.  Mark your donation Alumni2017!



GOAL:          100 sponsorships @ $40           $4,000

Received to date:        15 sponsorships            $618

Still needed:              85 sponsorships            $3,382 


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Study Bibles for Pastors

Study Bibles for Pastors

Study Bibles for Pastors

Every BSIB student receives a study bible at graduation.  Pastors repeatedly tell us this tool has helped them in their sermon preparation more than any other tool.  We currently have an opportunity to purchase these Bibles at a reduced cost - $25!  We’d love to go ahead and purchase enough for all of project 120 pastors.


GOAL:            120 Bibles @ $25        $3,000

Received to date:      68 Bibles         $1,700

Still needed:    52 Bibles                   $1,300